DUT’S GRINDZ & GOODTIMES is a lifestyle show featuring not only Hawaiian culture but also the diversity other Hawaii locals have. There will be celebrities and just interesting locals who have an interesting and informative story or outlook or even talent to share with the audience.   Because of Dut’s connection to the entertainment field, he will  aim to feature local faces.  His knowledge and love for cooking will enable him to reach out to people in this field to share recipes and secrets and his years of association with others who love the ocean, he will be able to bring surfers, boaters and fishermen to the show.  It will be a variety of interests. Not just entertainers or cooks or water sports , unlike other shows that are aimed at one interest.


Dustin (“Dut”) Leandro was born on Oahu and raised on the Windward side.  He had a very active lifestyle, playing multiple sports growing up.  He especially loved the water and was an avid surfer, boater and fisherman.

Dut was the youngest of five children. His Dad was an entertainer so he was exposed to music at a young age.  As a teenager he started his first band and eventually became a touring musician playing along side many well known local musicians such as John Cruz, Led Kaapana and Jack Johnson.  Later in his music career he toured across the nation, opening for world famous bands like Blink 182, The Mighty Mighty Boss Tones and even Maroon 5.

Another passion he acquired and still practices is his love for cooking.  He started cooking in restaurants in high school and also during college in several well-known eateries.
Eventually, he changed careers and started his first construction business in 1996 which he still runs today. His love for music, cooking and the water still remains a part of his busy life. Dut started his own annual fishing tournament and by chance met an OC16 producer. They brainstormed together and came up with the idea of “Dut’s Grindz & Goodtimes.”


Spectrum OC 16 reaches over 400,000 households in Hawaii.


DGG airs 30 times a month. Our prime time slots are Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights at 9pm. Throughout the week we also air at other times.


DGG has a broad reach of demographics due to Duts wide range of things he has done and the relationships he has formed throughout his life. The show plays off of and reflects that in every episode. One show he may be fishing, and the next, he might be golfing and the next he is playing music with a local celebrity. Because of the diversity of each episode, the viewership age range is between 25 and 70 and an estimated 60,000 views per episode.

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